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Why GlenHaven? This is the story . . .

I grew up on a hillside overlooking a big lake. My grandfather had purchased the land from a logging company long before the nearby city expanded its limits that far. He built a house on the shore which extended out over the water far enough to allow boats to be moored underneath. My parent's house was just up the hill and the view from my room was a vista of the lake and my grandparent's house.

Holidays back then were gatherings of my aunts, uncles and cousins around a table presided over by my grandpa. I remember long and loud debates on many topics: religion, politics, engineering, law. While my aunts, uncles and parents yelled at each other, my grandpa refereed and my grandmother sat quietly.

It was long my belief that grandpa was the anchor of the family, that the loud and long holiday gatherings of family were his legacy.

It was not until much later I realized that it was my grandmother who mattered the most. Although she sat quietly at the foot of the table nearest the kitchen, there was not a bite of food or a cup of coffee on the table which did not pass through her hands.

The conversation he led might have been interesting after everyone arrived, but the reason they came was her.

She called the house and land "GlenHaven" and the life it had was her doing, hers alone.

At GlenHaven International we expect our clients to be like grandpa; brash, loud, opinionated, driven, and unrepentant in achieving excellence. We are like my grandmother; quiet strength, always there, always prepared, and fully committed to your success.

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