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 Leader Fundamentals Training 

GlenHaven International's Leader Fundamentals Training is based on the depth of experience brought by our founder, Scott Olson. Our two-hour Leader Fundamentals Presentation and four-hour Leader Fundamentals Workshop are the perfect addition to any leadership training conference. The key to improving any skill, whether it’s shooting baskets, driving a gold ball, or leading people, is the fundamentals. That’s why GHI is laser focused on fundamentals. There is no greater ROI than taking a little time to review the fundamentals. Both courses give you access to Scott’s 45 years of leadership experience where it matters most . . . in the real world.


Both the presentation and the workshop are interactive discussions of six key questions which form the foundation of all leadership development.


  • Where Does Leadership Begin?

  • What Is Your Job?

  • What Changes When You Need Help?

  • Why Do People Follow?

  • What Do Great Leaders Do?

  • What Is Leading Really About?


As you can see, each topic builds on the previous ones and your staff will leave the course with the tools they need to lead their teams. The presentation covers each topic clearly and completely while the workshop provides additional depth of discussion and also includes a practical exercise.

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