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Turn your new and struggling leaders into high-performing team builders 
with the First Promotion Transition Course

From Scott Olson, the creator of the FBI’s front-line Leadership Development Program, this innovative training solution was developed specifically to help your organization take immediate action to:

And it does all this without burning resources by taking employees off the job for lengthy training programs.

Finally! An easily accessible and executable training program has been developed for the new leader. Take this course, build your leadership habits, change the world!

– Robin Dreeke, CEO, People Formula

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Help your employees find leadership fulfillment and leave frustration behind.
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As an executive, one of your biggest frustrations comes when one of your star players promotes…and flops. You watch as your high-performing employee transforms into a lackluster leader.

You’re left scratching your head wondering…why?


Why aren't they performing in their new role?

Why won't they do what’s needed? 

Why can’t they seem to build high-performance teams?

Why is it that sometimes they perform brilliantly and sometimes they fall flat? 

And why haven’t you been able to replicate the brilliance or prevent the fall?


It’s clearly not for lack of aptitude, guidance, or training. 


But knowledge and training can only produce the potential for them to be effective in their new role. It’s the integration and embodiment of the information, knowledge, training, and guidance that create a successful leader.


First Promotion Transition provides the missing link between knowledge and integration – and bridges the gap between your star employee’s potential as a new leader and their success. 

I think you’ve really put together a good package for first-time leaders – wish I had it when I first got my direct reports!

– Will Ocampo, Director of Project Management, Nasdaq

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Leadership isn’t always what your employees think it is.

The core concept of leadership is simple: being responsible for more than what one person can accomplish alone. Yet, many high achievers don’t realize how straightforward this truly is.

They don’t realize that the purpose of leadership is to achieve success beyond personal or individual bandwidth. And that leadership has more to do with who you are than what you do.

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Scott Olson believes that everyone deserves the chance to lead. 


He has leveraged his expertise in the realm of leadership to successfully coach individuals across a striking range of disciplines, from government organizations to private industry and high-level athletes.


His decades of experience assembling and leading high-performance teams has given him the key to unlocking a lifetime of successful leadership in any individual.

Develop a leader's mindset

Evolve an effective emotional perspective

Value their contribution-- once they're no longer doing the work

The First Promotion Transition Certificate Course represents a modern, grounded-in-practice, professional development opportunity for leaders and aspiring leaders regardless of sector!

–Shawn Baker-Garcia, CEO, Coalescion

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I never lose. I either win or I learn.
– Nelson Mandela

Scott Olson

Scott has been leading high-performance teams since he was a teenager. He landed his first role of leadership in a highly consequential environment as a climbing guide on Mt. Rainier in Washington State. You could say – and people often do – he has a knack for it.


Scott’s professional journey led him through law school and into a lengthy career in government – where his gift for leadership became unquestionable. Over the course of several decades, Scott left his mark as:

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

FBI Special Agent


Counterintelligence operations officer

Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

FBI Legal Attaché in Baghdad, Iraq

Founder of GlenHaven International

Published author (Can. Trust. Will. Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity)

Creator of The First Promotion Transition Certificate Course

The core of Scott’s expertise is in building and leading high-performance teams. This mastery led him to develop and implement the FBI’s front-line Leadership Development Program and the FBI’s leadership performance assessment process for Special Agents in Charge


But Scott’s strength in leadership goes far beyond the government sector. In addition to his work with government agencies, he has successfully coached emerging and transitioning leaders across many disciplines including:


The security industry

Non-profit organizations


Fortune 500 Businesses 


Transitioning veterans and intelligence community leaders

The culinary industry

Tae Kwon Do age group national champions

MMA fighters

Scott also co-authored the book, Can. Trust. Will. Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity, released by Business Expert Press in January 2022. The book guides HR professionals and talent acquisition through building unbeatable cybersecurity teams. 


The First Promotion Transition Certificate Course was created as Scott distilled his 40+ years of experience into an innovative training program that will transform your high-performing employees into all-star leaders.

"This training fundamentally transformed my understanding of what it means to be an effective manager and a leader."

– Participant, The First Promotion Transition Certificate Course

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The Course

The First Promotion Transition Certificate Course consists of ten lessons that guide your employees to successfully transition from doing high-level work to making sure high-level work gets done.

Concepts in this innovative and inspired program range from visceral fulfillment to a new understanding of trust to learning to evaluate your own development.

 “This course introduced a whole new perspective on leadership! I’ve gained a wealth of information relevant to my role. Take the course; you won’t regret it!” 

– Lynda Hyland, Agile Partner

The recommended pace for the course is ten weeks. The first five weeks of the course walk your employees through their transition into leadership. The second five weeks are about refinement.


Study time for each lesson was intentionally designed to be short and potent – to supercharge your employee’s development without taking them away from their day job.

The power of the implementation exercises kick in immediately. As your employees interact on the job, refine their understanding of the concepts and make them their own, the principles of First Promotion Transition become second nature.

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The pacing of the lessons was just right for allowing me to absorb the material

– Participant, The First Promotion Transition Certificate Course

When completed as a self-study and self-paced program, the First Promotion Transition Certificate Course is unquestionably effective. When done with a group of peers it becomes even more impactful.


But the program is most empowering when completed as an organized group under the guidance of an executive. Your employees will see the embodiment of leadership in action as they transform into high-performance team builders.


At the completion of all ten lessons a First Promotion Transition Certification will be awarded. And your employees will be empowered with the embodied tools of a prosperous leadership career.

“I think Scott provided important lessons in several key areas, but the biggest takeaway for me was the importance of having a growth mindset and fostering that mindset in the people they manage.”

– Participant, The First Promotion Transition Certificate Course

Ready to build a team of
high-performance leaders?

Developing effective leadership skills requires:




It’s all within reach – and it’s what Scott Olson prides himself on delivering through the First Promotion Transition Certificate Course.

Are you primed to get the ball rolling towards a culture of outstanding leadership within your organization?

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