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 Executive Coaching 

Business Meeting

Some executive coaches say “even world-class athletes have coaches”. At GHI we think world-class performers are world-class because they have coaches. Because they always look to improve, to rework a swing, to rethink the game, to build a new strategy and to continuously refine their skills. And because they recognize you can’t do it alone. The only way to become world-class is with a coach who helps focus your drive into the action which will break you through to the next level. 


Forgive us for saying what a teacher must: Are you really at the top of your game? 

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 Hiring & Onboarding 


Do your new hires stay long enough? Is your employee turnover rate low enough? Do you think high turnover is unavoidable in your industry? At GHI we have years of training and experience in evaluating people. And we can help you differentiate between those who will succeed and those who will struggle. Our proprietary hiring process ensures you make the right hiring decisions to reduce employee turnover and build a successful team. We do it cost-effectively and we’ll be done before your candidates get an offer from your competition!  

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 Leader Fundamentals Training
  Two Hour Presentation or Four Hour Workshop 

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The key to improving any skill, whether it’s shooting baskets, driving a golf ball, or leading people, is the fundamentals. There's no greater ROI than taking a little time every so often to review the fundamentals. That’s why GHI is laser focused on fundamentals. Based on the depth of experience brought by our founder, Scott Olson, our two-hour Leader Fundamentals Presentation and four-hour Leader Fundamentals Workshop are the perfect addition to any leadership training conference. Both courses give you access to Scott’s 45 years of leadership experience where it matters most . . . in the real world.  

The 10 Week Online Certificate Course

First Promotion Transition
           Ten Week Online Certificate Course


Leadership starts as soon as you have more to do than you can accomplish by yourself. And once you can’t produce the result alone you face an important issue about how you feel. How do you viscerally value your contribution to the outcome when you’re no longer doing the actual work? It all starts here. If you don’t change how you value yourself, no leadership training program will take you where you need to go. No matter how you learn to lead, do this first. Everything starts with FPT.   

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Our Give-Back


With its deep connections to the community of transitioning talent based on over 25 years in government, GHI is committed to mentoring and advising career government employees as they make their way through the transition from government service to the commercial world. GHI’s give-back includes serving the cadre of extraordinary transitioning veterans at The Honor Foundation and individualized career counselling to Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community professionals who are focused on bringing their remarkable experiences and skill sets to private industry.  




Over a 27 year career of distinguished government service which included 21 years as an FBI Agent, Scott Olson served in many roles, including spy-chaser, trial attorney and FBI Legal Attache in Baghdad, Iraq. 


Scott is an accomplished security and HR executive with a unique combination of experience in all aspects of global security operations, risk mitigation, and related critical HR processes. In addition, he has extensive background in developing leaders, implementing leadership performance evaluation processes, and coaching both emerging and established leaders to success. Combined with his background in litigation, Scott’s experience and expertise makes him an exceptional project manager and an extraordinarily capable Chief Talent Officer.


His core focus is on high performance mindset/mentality coaching and leadership/executive coaching. Scott has successfully coached across many disciplines including security industry executives, non-profit executives, government executives, transitioning veterans, transitioning USIC executives, culinary industry leaders, Tae Kwon Do age group national champions, and MMA fighters.



N.O.Limits Adventures

Consulting Firm President

“I have worked with Scott Olson and GHI since their inception, finding they have unique access to the USIC and federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. They also have access to companies engaged in support of USIC and law enforcement.  GHI has assisted Ahearn Consulting, LLC connect with partners we need to move projects forward."


Ahearn Consulting LLC. 


“Working with a GHI leadership coach supercharged my career! I was promoted 90 days after starting with GHI, and I now have more confidence in my abilities and command respect from my colleagues.”

 Alinea Restaurant, Chicago

Fitness Professional 

Working with Scott has provided unique insight and guidance into the candidate selection process. He's offered some key points that have helped improve my ability to assess potential candidates for fit with the company, saving valuable time and money. With Scott's assistance, I feel much more confident in my evaluation approach. His expertise is definitely a service I would highly recommend.” 

Fitness Industry Professional, New York

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